Quantum completes operational turnaround of glass fabrication plant

April 30, 2021.  For a North American glass fabricator, Quantum led an operational turnaround program at  one of its highly automated manufacturing plants.  Quantum worked closely with the plant team to develop a comprehensive program that addressed all of the operating processes from purchasing to customer service.  Quantum coached the plant team through the implementation, and helped to achieve significant improvements in On Time In Full (OTIF %), reduction in scrap, increase in throughput, setting the plant on the path to improved profitability.

Quantum completes second semi conductor add on assessment

Feb 28, 2021.  For a PE owned semi-conductor processing company, Quantum completed operational diligence and add on assessment of another semi-conductor value added distributor.  Quantum compared operating practices across both companies and conducted detailed gross margin analysis of the target’s products and services.  Quantum developed an integration framework and EBITDA savings from operational consolidation.

Quantum completes semi conductor add on assessment

December 15, 2020.  For a PE owned semi-conductor processing company, Quantum completed an assessment of a potential add on acquisition of a competitor with 3 manufacturing plants.   Quantum conducted a detailed assessment of each of the processing plants, and developed an integration framework and EBITDA savings estimates from integrating the operations of the 2 companies.

Quantum completes ODD of electrical component manufacturer

June 30, 2020.  For a PE company considering a platform investment in an electrical component manufacturer with 2 manufacturing locations and a complex global supply chain, Quantum conducted an Operations Due Diligence and supply chain risk assessment.  The site visits were conducted observing strict Covid-19 protocols.  Quantum developed an assessment of manufacturing and operating processes, ability to support growth and risks in the supply chain.

Quantum completes add on assessment for a fiber optic company

June 30, 2020.  For a PE owned fiber and cable connectivity manufacturing company operating in aerospace and defense verticals, Quantum has completed operational synergy assessment of an add on acquisition in an adjacent space.  Quantum assessed the operating processes at the target, identified opportunities for EBITDA improvements and developed a post-close operating agenda for the target.

Quantum to lead acquisition integration and manufacturing consolidation

Feb 15 2020.  Quantum has been retained by a PE portfolio company in aerospace electronics manufacturing services to lead the acquisition integration of a global semi conductor services company.  Quantum will lead the PMO to integrate manufacturing and back office.  Work includes detailed planning and implementation of a North American plant closure of the target company and moving production 2 other plants of the acquiring company.

Quantum completes ODD for industrial add on acquisition

January 31, 2020.  For a PE portfolio company that manufactures and distributes pipe fittings and connections, Quantum conducted an Operational Due Diligence and synergy modeling for the potential acquisition of a competitor.  Synergies included consolidation of manufacturing plants, foundries, channels and distribution centers, SKU rationalization and organizational integration.  Quantum developed synergy estimates, one time costs estimates and an integration plan

Quantum completes ODD of a global semiconductor components company

December 31, 2019. For a PE portfolio company in aerospace micro electronics considering an add-on acquisition of a significantly larger, high reliability global semi conductor components supplier, Quantum conducted ODD and operational synergy assessment.  The work included assessment of manufacturing and supply chain capabilities across multiple plants, and developing the integrated manufacturing strategy, which included various production moves.  Quantum developed the synergies and one time costs in operational and organizational integration.  Quantum has been retained to lead the post-close implementation.

Quantum to lead post-integration operational excellence at packaging plant

January 15, 2020.  For a PE portfolio company, Quantum has been retained to lead operational excellence at its North American chemical packaging and bottling facility.  The site was used to consolidate multiple locations and install new bottling lines.  Quantum will now work with the plant team to improve throughput, order fulfillment and broader operational performance

Quantum completes post-close assessment of industrial distributor; to lead implementation

August 30, 2019. For a recently acquired fast-growing PE portfolio company, Quantum has completed a detailed post-close operations assessment. Quantum identified transformative changes in business model, processes and systems, to enable the business to scale to 2X in a few years. The changes include service level definitions, sales processes, SOIP and inventory levels, operations scheduling, assembly capacity enhancements, WMS and SCM software, network structure changes, etc. Quantum will lead an implementation program to assist the Management team through these changes.

Quantum completes ODD and add-on synergy assessment of an A&D component manufacturer

July 15, 2019. For a PE portfolio company in aerospace & defense, evaluating an add-on acquisition, Quantum has completed operational diligence and add-on synergy assessment of a component manufacturer and repair service provider. Quantum worked closely with the client’s team to identify and assess specific synergy opportunities in manufacturing including production consolidation, sourcing, organization and SG&A. Quantum developed the synergy estimates, one time costs and an integration implementation plan.

Quantum to lead integration of multiple chemicals acquisitions

July 1, 2019. Quantum Strategic Advisors has been engaged by a PE portfolio company to lead the integration of 4 add-on acquisitions(+1 pending) closed in a 12-month period. Quantum will work collaboratively with all the entities, lead the integration PMO, and also lead specific integration tasks.

Quantum completes chemicals footprint strategy development

May 15, 2019. Quantum Strategic Advisors has completed the development of the North American footprint strategy for a global chemicals company. The Quantum team was asked to assess if footprint consolidation was possible. The Quantum team worked collaboratively with the client to assess demand and capacity by various chemistries at the reactor level at each plant, under various business scenarios. Quantum developed several footprint scenarios that evaluated capital investments, reactor utilizations, tolling considerations, tank capacities, infrastructure investments, operating costs, freight considerations, regulatory considerations and customer impact. Quantum calculated CapEx, OpEX and ROI under each scenario, and a recommended path forward.

Quantum completes detailed carve out assessment for a global blow molding machinery manufacturer

March 15, 2019. For a PE client, Quantum conducted a detailed carve out operational assessment of a global blow molding machinery manufacturing and after market parts distribution operations. Specifically the assessment focused on relocating assembly and parts distribution from the parent company to one of the carved out sites. Quantum conducted a detailed review of the assembly operations and supply chain, assessed the feasibility and risks in the carve out, developed the operating costs for the NewCo, developed site lay outs for the new assembly and distribution operations, an implementation plan and estimates for one-time costs. Quantum’s expertise in manufacturing and distribution was recognized by the PE clients and the NewCo Management team.

Quantum completes ODD of electrical components manufacturer

December 21, 2018. For a PE client Quantum completed the ODD of a highly engineered electrical components manufacturer in the aerospace and medical devices markets. The company had grown through acquisitions and had 8 locations in the US, Mexico and Canada. Quantum conducted an assessment of operational practices, potential for EBITDA improvements and the feasibility and business case for manufacturing footprint consolidation

Quantum leads chemicals manufacturing footprint consolidation

September 26, 2018. Quantum Strategic Advisors has been advising a publicly traded chemicals / polymers company to manage the integration of 2 of its largest North American manufacturing sites. Quantum has completed program development for the integration and also an operational effectiveness agenda for the receiving plant. Quantum has now been retained to lead the PMO for the integration. The integration program includes significant capital investments, new capabilities development, product qualifications and managing the production transition in an accelerated timeline. Quantum will be working with a large client team to facilitate and manage the integration

Quantum completes ODD for add on aerospace acquisition; focus on growth

June 29, 2018. Quantum Strategic Advisors has completed the operational due diligence and synergy assessment for a high reliability space components manufacturer. The ODD was focused on assessing the target’s operational capabilities to sustain growth in 3 distinct product groups. The Quantum team assessed manufacturing capacity and constraints, order fulfillment processes, new product development processes, knowledge capture and documentation, human resources, IT systems, etc. The team identified key investments and priority initiatives to sustain growth.

Quantum completes ODD of electrical components manufacturer

June 22, 2018. Quantum Strategic Advisors has completed ODD for a PE client considering acquisition of a leading high reliability components manufacturer with 5 manufacturing sites in the US. Quantum assessed the potential for EBITDA improvements through operational initiatives including – footprint rationalization, product consolidation, sourcing, productivity improvements and pricing. Quantum also outlined platform investments to support continued acquisitive growth.

Quantum completes operational assessment for specialty electronics manufacturer

April 9, 2018. Quantum Strategic Advisors has completed a detailed assessment of operations at a mid-sized aerospace electronics manufacturer, in order to identify potential for reduction in order to ship cycle times. Quantum collected detailed process data using templates, conducted process observations and analysis to identify key issues affecting cycle times and recommend solutions for implementation.