Quantum leads chemicals manufacturing footprint consolidation

September 26, 2018. Quantum Strategic Advisors has been advising a publicly traded chemicals / polymers company to manage the integration of 2 of its largest North American manufacturing sites. Quantum has completed program development for the integration and also an operational effectiveness agenda for the receiving plant. Quantum has now been retained to lead the PMO for the integration. The integration program includes significant capital investments, new capabilities development, product qualifications and managing the production transition in an accelerated timeline. Quantum will be working with a large client team to facilitate and manage the integration

Quantum completes ODD for add on aerospace acquisition; focus on growth

June 29, 2018. Quantum Strategic Advisors has completed the operational due diligence and synergy assessment for a high reliability space components manufacturer. The ODD was focused on assessing the target’s operational capabilities to sustain growth in 3 distinct product groups. The Quantum team assessed manufacturing capacity and constraints, order fulfillment processes, new product development processes, knowledge capture and documentation, human resources, IT systems, etc. The team identified key investments and priority initiatives to sustain growth.

Quantum completes ODD of electrical components manufacturer

June 22, 2018. Quantum Strategic Advisors has completed ODD for a PE client considering acquisition of a leading high reliability components manufacturer with 5 manufacturing sites in the US. Quantum assessed the potential for EBITDA improvements through operational initiatives including – footprint rationalization, product consolidation, sourcing, productivity improvements and pricing. Quantum also outlined platform investments to support continued acquisitive growth.

Quantum completes operational assessment for specialty electronics manufacturer

April 9, 2018. Quantum Strategic Advisors has completed a detailed assessment of operations at a mid-sized aerospace electronics manufacturer, in order to identify potential for reduction in order to ship cycle times. Quantum collected detailed process data using templates, conducted process observations and analysis to identify key issues affecting cycle times and recommend solutions for implementation.

Quantum to provide program management for add-on integration

March 26, 2018. Quantum Strategic Advisors has been retained to provide Program Management for the integration of 2 mid-market chemicals companies in the polymer space. The scope of work will include commercial / technology integration, manufacturing footprint consolidation, strategic sourcing, and support for various operational / business initiatives.

Quantum completes integration planning for Chemicals add-on

February 23, 2018. Quantum Strategic Advisors has completed a detailed synergy assessment and integration planning exercise for a PE portfolio company add on acquisition in the Polymer space. The Quantum team worked closely with the buyer and the target for a bottom up assessment of synergies in Commercial, manufacturing, Sourcing, Supply Chain and G&A. The synergies included consolidation of manufacturing footprint, extensive sourcing / in-sourcing opportunities and cross-selling. The manufacturing consolidation scenario was developed through a reactor level modeling of chemistry, batch sizes, utilization and capacity. Sourcing synergies were developed through extensive workshops. The team developed a detailed implementation plan and a detailed estimate of one time costs for the manufacturing consolidation.

Quantum completes operational diligence on aerospace roll up

December 22, 2017. For a middle market PE firm, Quantum conducted operational assessments of 3 highly specialized aerospace electronics companies. For each target, Quantum assessed the stand alone improvement opportunities in manufacturing, supply chain, organization and G&A. We also assessed potential synergies in a roll up scenario integrating with other targets under consideration.

Quantum leads dilgence and pre-close planning for aerospace acquisition. To lead acquisition integration

March 17, 2017.  Quantum Strategic Advisors has completed the operational diligence and pre-close planning for the acquisition and integration of a space electronics manufacturer by a $3 Billion aerospace components manufacturer.  The Quantum team developed a detailed integration plan to combine manufacturing locations, business systems and organization.  Quantum has been retained to lead the integration post-close.

Quantum leads detailed global diligence for chemicals acquisition

March 3, 2017. Quantum Strategic Advisors has completed a detailed diligence for the acquisition of a global <$1 Billion chemical company by a similar sized competitor.  Quantum acted as a trusted adviser to the buyer’s Executive team, managed other diligence providers, and guided the effort in assessment of opportunities and risks in global manufacturing, sourcing, organization, SG&A and commercial integration.

Quantum completes operational diligence of a specialty chemicals company

September 9, 2016. Quantum Strategic Advisors has completed operational due diligence and synergy assessment for a publicly traded chemical company in its bid to acquire a global specialty chemicals company in coatings. The Quantum team worked closely with the bidder’s management team to assess synergies in manufacturing, sourcing, supply chain and G&A.

Quantum to lead synergy assessment in potential chemicals merger

June 27, 2016.  Quantum Strategic Advisors has been retained to lead the operational synergies assessment in the potential merger of equals of 2 global chemical companies. The confidential deal is currently in the pre-LOI stage, and further details of our work will be published if and when the transaction becomes public.

Quantum provides ODD for medical device manufacturer acquisition

June 1st 2016.  Quantum Strategic Advisors has completed the Operational Due Diligence for a PE owned medical devices manufacturer and distributor evaluating an add on acquisition of a global medical device manufacturer. The transaction is expected to close in June 2016. The Quantum team worked closely with the platform company and identified EBITDA improvement opportunities in manufacturing, sourcing, supply chain and G&A. The PE firm was very satisfied with the quality and timeliness of the work. “Thanks for the hard work–Your analysis was key in helping us gain comfort on the deal”, said the PE Principal who led the transaction.